Pressure stabilizing valve

Pressure stabilizing valve

The Atronic 60 Series PRV control valves are Self-Actuated and are suitable for applications where the downstream pressure must be constant. These types of PRVs are used in various equipment lines and systems such as steam, LPG, Nitrogen Blanketing, etc. Atronic PRV product is an economical and reliable solution for pressure control.


Compression class: ASME Class 150 – 600 – Condensate Connection: 1.1 / 2 ″ ASME Class 900 – 1500 – Condensate Connection: 2 ″

Pipeline size range: “6 to” 24

Application: All kinds of services in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants, etc.

Attributes :


  • Covering a wide range of pressure relief
  • Automatic operation and no need for external force to activate
  • Ability to use all kinds of materials for the body and internal parts according to the type of service, temperature, pressure, flow and …
  • Simple and economical design
  • Unique design to balance the pressure so that any change in pressure at the inlet will have very little effect on the adjusted pressure.
  • Ability to control upstream and downstream pressure
  • Trim parts with very long service life
  • Adjust the pressure simply using a pressure adjusting screw
  • Made using a minimum of moving parts