Atronickish Knowledge-Based Company

Design and production of control valves

Atronic Knowledge Foundation Company was established in 2010 on Kish Island. A branch of Atronic was established in 2013 in Shiraz Special Economic Zone with a modern building with an area of 7000 square meters along with office, laboratory and production facilities.This company has localized and developed the technical knowledge of control valves with the aim of five years and precise planning. To be able to respond to a large part of the needs of the industry with this product .

Industrial valves with automatic mechanism


Atronickish Company specializes in designing, manufacturing, renovating and selling industrial control valves and pneumatic actuators, providing various types of automatic valves and their spare parts, as well as after-sales services and training in this field. Also, Kish Atronic Company has entered the knowledge-based companies in this field by obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities. Therefore, according to ISO 9001:2008 and other obtained certificates, there are no restrictions in providing the mentioned products.

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